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The Peach Jamboree is back in Stonewall!

Come to Stonewall for the 63rd Annual Peach Jamboree

This year marks the 63rd annual Peach Jamboree here in Stonewall, Texas. For years the Peach Jamboree has existed as a celebration of the local farmers and their peaches and acts as a hallmark of the community spirit here in Stonewall. From the rodeo to the parade to the crowning of the Peach Court, the Peach Jamboree has become not only a community event but one that attracts peach lovers from across Texas.

Here at Gold Orchards, there is a rich history with the Peach Jamboree, having participated in the events for the past 63 years. Over that time, Gold Orchards has had the honor of seeing the community change and grow into what it is today, in addition to accumulating many awards for our peaches and baked goods. The Peach Jamboree has transcended many generations at Golds and it truly has become a family affair.

This year marks Gold's 25th Anniversary of its location on 290, realizing a dream the Gold Brothers had when taking over the business from their father. In honor of the Peach Jamboree and our 25th Anniversary, we wanted to take a trip down memory lane over the past 25 years. Happy Peach Season and Happy Peach Jamboree!

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