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About Gold Orchards


Our History


           Gold Orchards found its beginning way back in 1940, when Erwin Gold planted 10 acres of peaches here in Stonewall. Erwin moved the family business from peanuts to peaches, eventually planting 216 acres.

          As the years went by, Erwin's sons, Alvin (Mooney), Harley and Lawrence took up the family business. The partnership between the brothers lasted until 1991 when the partnership dissolved and the corporation known as Gold Orchards emerged.

          Lawrence and his wife, Lynette, took over the business. During the time of their ownership, Gold Orchards was a part of the Gillespie County Fruit Growers. When the co-op dissolved in 1997, Lawrence and Lynette began construction on the current Gold Orchards building (the shed as we call it). 

        Gold Orchards opened its doors in 2000, bringing peaches and other goodies to many generations. Lawrence and Lynette's daughter, Luana, and her husband Ricky Priess began to take bigger steps in leading the family business. In 2010, Luana and Ricky took over the business and continued the Gold Orchards name with their children Michaela and Landon Priess.

       Gold Orchards is a business of love and family, and the memories and traditions passed down have made Gold Orchards what it is today.


Did you know?

  • Gold Orchards sold its first pie in a glass pan!

  • The Gold Orchards' bakery started in Lynette's kitchen!

  • Gold Orchards grows 18 different varieties of peaches!

Customer Reviews


The most delicious peach ice cream I have ever had.
The baked goods are fresh, everything is great. The people are very nice.
You will not be sorry about stopping in! This place is worth the time and money.- Helena Herbst


Friendly, easy access. Peach baked eats are fresh and delicious 😋. And yes, don't forget to try the peach ice-cream. - Anthony Deavers


Stoped by yesterday on a 'girls trip'. Beer bread is amazing. However, the customer service made the visit the best. Rick gave a sample cup of peach ice cream to our three year old, and came out and visited with her, thrilling her to no end. You can find peaches all around the area, but customer service is what brings people back. Will stop in again on our next trip to Fredericksburg. - Ina Hilton

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