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Come Jam with us at the Peach Jamboree!

The time has come for the 62nd annual Peach Jamboree here in Stonewall, Texas! The Peach Jamboree takes place this coming weekend, June 15-17. A tradition that has spanned multiple generations, the Peach Jamboree is a celebration of the peach industry in Gillespie County. Every year, the Jamboree plays host to many fun activities including the parade, peach show and auction, the crowning of the Peach Queen, and the rodeo and dance.

Here at Gold Orchards, we have participated in the Peach Jamboree for generations and have enjoyed the festivities that honor our community. Gold Orchards won its first prize in 1967, winning heaviest peach in the peach show. The Loring peach, picked by Harley Gold, weighed 19.5 oz and was purchased for $450 by Haufler Equipment! Over the years, Gold Orchards has continued to participate in the Jamboree, allowing different generations of the family to carry on the traditions. Margaret Priess regularly placed high with her peach preserves. Lynette and Luana stole the show with their homemade peach pies, later passing the tradition to Lynette and Michaela. Lawrence, Ricky and Landon would scurry about the orchard in the morning picking out the peaches for the show (oftentimes finding critters had eaten the best-looking peaches). The whole family would get together to decorate the parade float, and after many squabbles and a lot of glue, they would present their float with Edgar at the helm for the judging of the floats.

Gold Orchards will be open all weekend from 9:00 am- 5:30 pm and will be selling pies, ice cream, and a variety of other peach goodies! Visit for more details on the festivities and happy Peach Jamboree!

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